Human Rights Commission of Malaysia Act 1999 [Act 597]

Part V   cite [+]


19 Funds   cite [+]

(1) The Government shall provide the Commission with adequate funds annually to enable the Commission to discharge its functions under this Act.

(2) The Commission shall not receive any foreign fund.

(3) Notwithstanding subsection (2), the Commission may receive funds without any conditions from any individual or organization only for the purpose of promoting awareness of and providing education in relation to human rights as may be approved by the Commission.

(4) The Commission shall cause proper audited accounts to be kept of its income and expenditure, and assets and liabilities.

(5) The financial year of the Commission shall be the calendar year.

(6) Any expenses incurred by the Commission in any action or proceeding, civil or criminal, brought by or against the Commission before any court shall be paid out of the funds of the Commission and any cost paid to or recovered by, the Commission in any such action or proceeding, civil or criminal, shall be credited to the funds of the Commission.

(7) Any expenses incurred by any member, officer or servant of the Commission, in any civil action or proceeding, brought against him in any court in respect of any act which is done or purported to be done by him under this Act or on the direction of the Commission shall be paid out of the funds of the Commission, unless such expenses are recovered by him in such civil action or proceeding.

20 Application of Act 240   cite [+]

The Statutory Bodies (Accounts and Annual Reports) Act 1980 [Act 240] shall apply to the Commission.

21 Annual Report   cite [+]

(1) The Commission shall not later than the first meeting of Parliament of the following year, submit an annual report to Parliament of all its activities during the year to which the report relates.

(2) The report shall contain a list of all matters referred to it, and the action taken in respect of them together with the recommendations of the Commission in respect of each matter.

(3) The Commission may, whenever it considers it necessary to do so, submit special reports to Parliament in respect of any particular matter or matters referred to it, and the action taken in respect thereof.

22 Regulations   cite [+]

The Minister may make regulations for the purpose of carrying out or giving effect to the provisions of this Act, including for prescribing the procedure to be followed in the conduct of inquiries under this Act.

23 Power to make disciplinary regulations   cite [+]

(1) The Commission may, with the approval of the Minister, make such regulations as it thinks necessary or expedient to provide for the discipline of the officers and servants of the Commission.

(2) Where any disciplinary regulations are made under this section, the Commission shall cause notice of the effect of those regulations to be given in such manner as it thinks necessary for bringing it to the notice of all officers and servants of the Commission who are affected by those regulations and those regulations shall, notwithstanding sections 19 and 20 of the Interpretation Acts 1948 and 1967 [Act 388], have effect as soon as the notice has been given without publication in the Gazette.