Child Care Centre Act 1984 [Act 308]

Part V   cite [+]


15 Director General to give written directions   cite [+]

(1) The Director General may, in respect of any registered child care centre, give such directions in writing as he thinks necessary to ensure that-

(a) the centre is operated and managed satisfactorily;

(b) the welfare of the children attending the centre is promoted in a proper manner;

(c) adequate apparatus and equipment necessary as safeguards against fire are provided therein; and

(d) the provisions of this Act are complied with.

(2) A direction under subsection (1) -

(a) shall be served upon the person registered in respect of the child care centre; and

(b) shall specify a period of time within which the directions shall be complied with.

16 Order for temporary closure of child care centres   cite [+]

(1) The Director General may-

(a) if it appears to him that there is any danger or risk of danger to persons in any premises of a registered child care centre; or

(b) if, in respect of any such premises a direction given under section 15 is not complied with within the period of time specified in the notice served thereunder,

by order in writing direct that the premises shall cease to be used as a child care centre for such period as he thinks fit or until further notice.

(2) Any order under this section shall be served on the person registered in respect of the child care centre, and shall take effect from the date of service thereof.

(3) It shall be sufficient service of any order under this section if-

(a) it is delivered personally to the person on whom it is served;

(b) it is sent by registered post to the last known address of that person; or

(c) a copy thereof is posted in a conspicuous place upon or in the premises to which it relates.