Local Government Act 1976 [Act 171]

Part XVI   cite [+]


165 Transfers of functions   cite [+]

(1) If it appears to the State Authority to be necessary or desirable in the public interest that any function of a local authority or of an employee of such local authority should be forthwith transferred from such local authority or such employee, the State Authority may by order published in the Gazette transfer such function to the Menteri Besar or Chief Minister of the State; and if the State Authority is of the opinion that any investigation should be held, the State Authority may in the same order or in a subsequent order direct that an enquiry shall be held into the matter and may make such further order as may be necessary or expedient.

(2) Where under subsection (1) any function is transferred, the State Authority may make such order as may be necessary or expedient relating to the expenses required by such transfer of functions and such order shall be binding on the local authority notwithstanding any provisions of this Act relating to expenditure from the Local Authority Fund, and the payment of such expenses as may be authorized by the order shall be a purpose for which the local authority may borrow in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

(3) An order made under subsection (1) shall be laid before the Legislative Assembly of a State at its next meeting and shall, unless sooner revoked by the State Authority, continue to be in force until annulled by a resolution of the Legislative Assembly.

166 Repeal   cite [+]

The provisions of the laws to the extent set out in the Second Schedule hereto are hereby repealed.

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