Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 [Act 164]

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[Section 109]

Ordinances and Acts Short Title Extent of Repeal
No. 44 of 1952 Civil Marriage Ordinance 1952 Whole
No. 53 of 1952 Registration of Marriages Ordinance 1952 In so far as it applies to persons whose marriages are registrable under this Act
No. 74 of 1952 Divorce Ordinance 1952 Whole
No. 33 of 1956 Christian Marriage Ordinance 1956 Whole
Act 60 Legitimacy Act 1961 Subsection 3(2)
No. 36 of 1950 Married Women and Children (Maintenance) Ordinance 1950 The words "not exceeding fifty dollars" in subsection 3(2)
Sarawak Cap. 74 (1948 Edition Volume III) Chinese Marriage Ordinance Whole
Sarawak Cap. 92 Church and Civil Marriages Ordinances Whole
Sarawak Cap. 94 Matrimonial Causes Ordinance Whole
Sabah No. 7 of 1963 Divorce Ordinance 1963 Whole
Sabah Cap. 24 Christian Marriage Ordinance 1919 Whole
Sabah No. 14 of 1959 The Marriage Ordinance 1959 Whole

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