Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 [Act 164]

45 Inspection and search   cite [+]

The Registrar General or the Superintendent Registrar may, on application made by any person who shall state his reason for making the application and on payment of the prescribed fee, if he is satisfied with the reasons therefor-

(a) allow the marriage register and index kept by him to be inspected;

(b) furnish the applicant with an extract of any entry in the marriage register certified under his hand and seal of office.

46 Proof   cite [+]

Every marriage register kept under this Act and any copy of such entry certified by the Registrar shall be prima facie evidence of the dates and acts contained in such marriage register.

46A Damaged registers   cite [+]

(1) The Registrar General may cause the entries of any marriage register found to be damaged, mutilated or illegible to be transferred to a new marriage register.

(2) The Registrar General may-

(a) cause any or all marriage registers to be photographed on microfilms; or

(b) cause particulars in any or all marriage registers to be recorded on computers or in any other manner or form he thinks fit, subject to such precautions as he considers necessary in the interest of its safety and the privacy of the information.

46B Missing register   cite [+]

Where any marriage register is for any reason missing or destroyed and the Registrar General is satisfied from evidence adduced that any marriage was registered, he may cause such marriage to be re-registered.

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