Registration of Births and Deaths (Special Provisions) Act 1975 [Act 152]

11 Delegation   cite [+]

The Registrar General may by writing delegate any or all the powers conferred and duties imposed upon him by this Act to any officer appointed under the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1957 [Act 299].

12 Nothing in this Act deemed to exempt requirements under any other law   cite [+]

Nothing in this Act shall be deemed to exempt any person from the requirements of any other law governing registration of births and deaths.

13 Rules   cite [+]

(1) The Minister may make rules for carrying out or giving effect to the provisions of this Act.

(2) Notwithstanding and without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), the Minister may make rules in respect of any or all the following matters:

(a) the form and contents of the registers, certificates, forms and other documents required and information to be supplied for the carrying out of the purpose of this Act;

(b) the fees to be imposed under this Act;

(c) the custody of registers, forms, certificates and other documents connected with the business of registration; and

(d) the issue of certificates.

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