Age of Majority Act 1971 [Act 21]

1 Short title   cite [+]

This Act may be cited as the Age of Majority Act 1971.

2 Age of majority   cite [+]

Subject to section 4, the minority of all males and females shall cease and determine within Malaysia at the age of eighteen years and every such male and female attaining that age shall be of the age of majority.

3 Interpretation   cite [+]

(1) All computations of age under this Act shall be reckoned according to the Gregorian calendar.

(2) In computing the age of any person the day on which he was born shall be included as a whole day, and he shall be deemed to have attained the age of eighteen years at the beginning of the eighteenth anniversary of that day.

4 Savings   cite [+]

Nothing in this Act shall affect-

(a) the capacity of any person to act in the following matters, namely, marriage, divorce, dower and adoption;

(b) the religion and religious rites and usages of any class of persons within Malaysia;

(c) any provision in any other written law contained fixing the age of majority for the purposes of that written law.

5 Repeal   cite [+]

The written laws specified in the Schedule are hereby repealed.