Civil Aviation Act 1969 [Act 3]

Part IX   cite [+]


24M Offence by body corporate   cite [+]

Where an offence under this Act or under any regulations made under this Act is committed by a body corporate, every person who was a director, secretary or manager or other similar officer of the body corporate or was purporting to act in any such capacity or was in any manner or to any extent responsible for the management of the affairs of the body corporate is deemed to have committed the offence unless that person proves that the offence was committed without his consent or connivance and that he had exercised due diligence to prevent the commission of the offence as he ought to have exercised, having regard to the nature of his functions in that capacity and to all the circumstances.

24N Power to compound   cite [+]

(1) The Director General may, with the consent of the Public Prosecutor, offer in writing to compound any offence under this Act or under any regulations made under this Act by accepting from the person reasonably suspected of having committed the offence such amount, not exceeding fifty per centum of the amount of the maximum fine for that offence to which that person would have been liable if he had been convicted of the offence, within such time as may be specified in the offer.

(2) An offer under subsection (1) may be made at any time after the offence has been committed, but before any prosecution for it has been instituted, and if the amount specified in the offer is not paid within the time specified in the offer or within such extended period as the Director General may grant, prosecution for the offence may be instituted at any time after that against the person to whom the offer was made.

(3) Where an offence has been compounded under subsection (1), no prosecution shall be instituted in respect of the offence against the person to whom the offer to compound was made.

(4) Any money received by the Director General under this section shall be paid into and form part of the Federal Consolidated Fund.

24O Publication of notices, etc.   cite [+]

(1) Every notice, circular, directive and information issued under this Act or under any subsidiary legislation made under this Act shall be published by the Director General in such manner as in his opinion will ensure that the notice, circular, directive and information is brought to the attention of the person who has to comply with such notice, circular, directive and information.

(2) Any person who fails to comply with such notices, circulars, directives and information shall be guilty of an offence and shall on conviction be liable-

(a) where such person is an individual, to a fine not exceeding fifty thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to both; or

(b) where such person is a body corporate, to a fine not exceeding one hundred thousand ringgit.

25 Extra-territorial application of subsidiary legislation   cite [+]

No provision contained in any subsidiary legislation made under this Act shall, on the ground that it would have extra-territorial operation, be deemed to be invalid in so far as it applies to Malaysian aircraft, wherever they may be, or prohibits, requires or regulates-

(a) the doing of anything by persons, in or any of the crew of, Malaysian aircraft, wherever they may be; or

(b) the doing of anything in relation to Malaysian aircraft by other persons, wherever they may be.

26 Offences   cite [+]

Any act done by any person on Malaysian aircraft outside of Malaysia which, if it had been done by him in Malaysia, would have constituted an offence under the laws of Malaysia, shall, for the purposes of criminal proceedings in Malaysia against that person in respect of that act, be deemed to have been done by him in Malaysia.

27 Military aircraft   cite [+]

Any subsidiary legislation made under this Act may, if it so expressly provides, apply to military aircraft or to any class or classes of military aircraft.

27A ............................   cite [+]

Section 27A deleted by Act A803.

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