Civil Aviation Act 1969 [Act 3]

Part IA   cite [+]


2A The Director General of Civil Aviation Malaysia   cite [+]

The Director General of Civil Aviation Malaysia shall perform the duties and functions assigned to him under this Act.

2B Duties and functions of the Director General   cite [+]

It shall be the duty and function of the Director General-

(a) to exercise regulatory functions in respect of civil aviation and airport and aviation services including the establishment of standards and their enforcement;

(b) to represent the Government in respect of civil aviation matters and to do all things necessary for this purpose;

(c) to ensure the safe and orderly growth of civil aviation throughout Malaysia;

(d) to encourage the development of airways, airport and air navigation facilities for civil aviation;

(e) to promote the provision of efficient airport and aviation services by the licensed company; and

(f) to promote the interests of users of airport and aviation services in Malaysia in respect of the prices charged for, and the quality and variety of, services provided by the licensed company.

2C Delegation of powers, duties and functions of the Director General   cite [+]

(1) The Director General may, in writing, delegate any of the powers, duties and functions conferred on him by this Act.

(2) Any person to whom any power, duty or function has been delegated under subsection (1) shall comply with all the conditions and restrictions imposed by the Director General and all the requirements, procedures and matters specified by the Director General.

(3) Any power, duty or function delegated under subsection (1) shall be exercised, discharged or performed in the name of the Director General.

(4) A delegation under this section shall not preclude the Director General himself from exercising, discharging or performing at any time any of the delegated powers, duties or functions.

(5) A delegation under this section may be revoked or varied at any time by the Director General.

2D Authority card   cite [+]

Any person when acting under this Act shall, on demand, declare his office, and produce to the person against whom he is acting or from whom he seeks any information such authority card as the Director General may direct to be carried by such person.

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