International Monetary Fund (Ratification of Amendments to the Articles of Agreement) Act 1969 [Act 12]
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Malay: Akta Kumpulan Wang Antarabangsa (Pengesahan Pindaan Perkara-Perkara Perjanjian) 1969 [Akta 12]

Date of Royal Assent
..........   ..........
22 April 1969

Date of publication in the Gazette
..........   ..........
1 May 1969

List of Amendments
Amending law Short title In force from
Act 184 International Monetary Fund (Ratification of Second Amendment to the Articles of Agreement) Act 1977 10-06-1977

List of Sections Amended
Section Amending authoity In force from
5 Act 184 10-06-1977

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