Revision of Laws Act 1968 [Act 1]

11 Completion of revision of pre-1969 laws to be notified in Gazette   cite [+]

As soon as may be, the Commissioner shall, by notification in the Gazette (to be published in the Acts Supplement), certify that the revision of all laws enacted before the first day of January 1969 (except for such laws as may be specified in the notification), which have not been repealed at the date of the notification, has been completed, and thereupon any such law which has not been revised under this Act and which has not been specified in the notification shall be deemed to have been repealed as from the date of publication of the notification.

12 Saving of existing subsidiary legislation   cite [+]

Subsidiary legislation made under any law and in force on the date on which that law as revised comes into force shall continue in force until otherwise provided; and references in any such subsidiary legislation to the law under which it was made, or to any part thereof, or to any other revised law shall be construed as references to the revised law or to that other law as revised.

13 Revision of subsidiary legislation   cite [+]

(1) There shall be prepared, as soon as may be convenient, as supplementary to each revised law a revised edition of such subsidiary legislation under such revised law as appears to the Commissioner to be of sufficient importance to be included in it.

(2) The provisions of this Act relating to the preparation and publication of a revised law, but not the provisions relating to examination by the Committee, shall apply with any necessary modifications to the preparation and publication of revised subsidiary legislation.

14 Reprint of laws   cite [+]

(1) The Government Printer or such other Printer as the Commissioner may in any particular case appoint for the purpose may, with the authority of the Commissioner, make a reprint of any law, whether revised or not, containing-

(a) amendments effected by any law; and

(b) amendments made by the Commissioner under the powers conferred upon him by subsection (2),

and any copy of a reprint purporting to be printed in accordance with this section shall be deemed, until the contrary is shown, to be the authentic text of the law as in force, except in so far as may be specified in the copy, on such date as may be so specified.

(2) In preparing a reprint the Commissioner shall have the powers contained in paragraphs 6(1)(vii), (x), (xv), (xvi), (xvii), (xviii), (xix), (xx), (xxa) and (xxb).

14A Publication volume by volume   cite [+]

(1) The Commissioner may, if he considers it expedient, authorize a reprint to be prepared and published volume by volume, in any sequence and at such times as he deems expedient.

(2) Any volume of a reprint may contain such tables, appendices and other supplementary matter, including an index, as the Commissioner may consider necessary.

14B Updating of reprints   cite [+]

The Commissioner may, if he considers it expedient, authorize the preparation and publication of updates incorporating the latest amendments to a reprint, in any sequence and at such times as he deems expedient.

14C Delegation of powers   cite [+]

The Commissioner may delegate any of his powers under subsection 14(2), sections 14A and 14B to the Deputy Commissioner.

15 Rectification of formal errors   cite [+]

(1) The Commissioner may by order, made in the case of an Act after reference to the Committee, rectify any clerical, printing or other error in any law:

Provided that no such rectification shall be inconsistent with the powers conferred upon the Commissioner by sections 6, 13 and 14.

(2) An order made under subsection (1) shall have the force of law with effect from the date referred to in paragraph 7(i)(d).

16 Reference to number of line in any law   cite [+]

A reference in any law to the number of a line of any provision of any law shall mean that line in the latest official printed copy of that law at the time of the enactment of the law containing the reference.

17 Place of this Act in the Laws of Malaysia series   cite [+]

This Act shall form the first Act of the "Laws of Malaysia" series and shall be numbered as Act 1.

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