Census Act 1960 [Act 16]
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Malay: Akta Banci 1960 [Akta 16]

First enacted
..........   ..........
1960 (Act No. 6 of 1960)

..........   ..........
1969 (Act 16 with effect from 14 April 1970)

List of Amendments
Amending law Short title In force from
Act 160 Malaysian Currency (Ringgit) Act 1975 29-08-1975
P.U. (A) 519/1969 Modification of Laws (Census) (Modification and Extension to East Malaysia) Order 1969 19-12-1969

List of Sections Amended
Section Amending authoity In force from
17 Act 160 29-08-1975
16 Act 160 29-08-1975

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