Immigration Act 1959/63 [Act 155]

25 ............................   cite [+]

Section 25 omitted.

26 Examination of persons entering Malaysia by land or at a place other than an authorized airport   cite [+]

(1) Every person who enters Malaysia by land shall enter at an authorized point of entry and shall proceed therefrom by an approved route, prescribed under section 5, to the nearest immigration control post and shall appear before the immigration officer in charge of the post and shall, if required, produce particulars in such form as may be prescribed.

(2) Every person who arrives by sea or air in Malaysia at any place other than an authorized landing place or airport shall forthwith proceed to and appear before the nearest immigration officer.

(3) The immigration officer before whom any person appears in accordance with this section shall if he considers that the person is prohibited from entering Malaysia under this Act inform the person of his finding and the person shall in accordance with the instructions of the immigration officer forthwith leave and depart from Malaysia.

(4) Any person who contravenes or fails to comply with this section shall be guilty of an offence against this Act.

27 Power to send person to depot for further examination   cite [+]

(1) Where an immigration officer is in doubt as to the right of any person to enter Malaysia, it shall be lawful for the officer to direct the person to an immigration depot and, in such case, the person shall proceed forthwith to the depot and shall remain there until permitted to leave by the officer:

Provided that-

(i) (Deleted by Act A719);

(ii) the Director General may, in his discretion, and pending the completion of inquiries regarding the said person, release the person from the immigration depot on such terms and conditions as the Director General may deem fit, and for that purpose the Director General may issue to the person a Pass in the prescribed form.

(2) Any person who refuses or neglects to comply with directions given by an immigration officer under subsection (1), or who leaves an immigration depot in contravention of that subsection, shall be guilty of an offence against this Act.

28 Interrogation of travellers   cite [+]

(1) Any person who arrives in Malaysia or who is about to leave Malaysia shall fully and truthfully answer all questions and enquiries put to him by an immigration officer, or a senior police officer, tending directly or indirectly to establish his identity, nationality or occupation or bearing on any of the restrictions contained in this Act or any absolute or conditional liability on his part to any military, naval or air force service under any state or country whatsoever, and shall disclose and produce to any such officer on demand all documents in his possession relating to those matters.

(2) All such answers and documents shall be admissible in evidence in any proceedings under this Act against the person making, disclosing or producing the same:

Provided that nothing in this section shall be construed as rendering any such answer inadmissible in any other proceedings in which they would otherwise be admissible.

(3) Any person who-

(a) refuses to answer any question or inquiry put to him under subsection (1) or knowingly gives any false or
misleading answer to any such question or inquiry; or

(b) refuses or fails to produce any document in his possession when required so to do under subsection (1) or knowingly produces any false or misleading document,

shall be guilty of an offence against this Act.

29 ............................   cite [+]

Section 29 deleted by Act A719.

30 Immigration officer may give instructions to prevent evasion of examination   cite [+]

(1) An immigration officer may give such instructions as may be reasonably necessary to ensure that no passenger or member of a crew evades examination either of his person or effects.

(2) Any person who without reasonable excuse refuses or fails to comply with any instruction given under subsection (1) shall be guilty of an offence against this Act.

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