Employment Act 1955 [Act 265]

74 No fees for summons: service of summons   cite [+]

(1) No fee shall be charged by the Director General in respect of any summons issued by him under this Part.

(2) Any such summons may be served by a Sessions Court or a Magistrates' Court on behalf of the Director General, or in such other manner, and by such person, as the Director General may deem fit.

75 Enforcement of Director General's order by Sessions Court   cite [+]

Where any order has been made by the Director General under this Part, and the same has not been complied with by the person to whom it is addressed, the Director General may send a certified copy thereof to the Registrar of a Sessions Court, or to the Court of a First Class Magistrate, having jurisdiction in the place to which the order relates or in the place where the order was made, and the said Registrar or Court, as the case may be, shall cause the said copy to be recorded and thereupon the said order shall for all purposes be enforceable as a judgment of the Sessions Court, or of the Court of the First Class Magistrate, as the case may be, notwithstanding that the same may in respect of amount or value be in excess of the ordinary jurisdiction of the said Court:

Provided that no sale of immovable property shall for the purposes of such enforcement be ordered except by the High Court.

76 Submission by Director General to High Court on point of law   cite [+]

(1) In any proceedings under this Part the Director General may, if he thinks fit, submit any question of law for the decision of a Judge of the High Court and if he does so he shall decide the proceedings in conformity with such decision.

(2) An appeal shall lie to the Court of Appeal from any decision of a Judge under subsection (1).

77 Appeal against Director General's order to High Court   cite [+]

(1) If any person whose financial interests are affected is dissatisfied with the decision or order of the Director General under section 69, 69B, 69C, 73 or subsection 81D(4) such person may appeal to the High Court.

(2) Subject to any rules made under section 4 of the Subordinate Court Rules Act 1955 [Act 55], the procedure in an appeal to the High Court shall be the procedure in a civil appeal from a Sessions Court with such modifications as the circumstances may require.

78 Employee's remedy when employer about to abscond   cite [+]

(1) If any employee complains to a Magistrate that he has reasonable grounds for believing that his employer, in order to evade payment of his wages, is about to abscond, the Magistrate may summon such employer and direct him to show cause why he should not be required to give security by bond to remain in Malaysia until such wages are paid; and if, after hearing the evidence of such employer, the Magistrate decides that such bond shall be given the Magistrate may order such employer to give security by bond in such sum as to the Magistrate seems reasonable, that he will not leave Malaysia until the Magistrate is satisfied that all the just claims of such employee against him for wages have been paid or settled.

(2) If the employer fails to comply with the terms of such order to give security, he shall be detained in prison until arrangements have been made to the satisfaction of the Magistrate for settling the claims of such employee:

Provided that-

(a) such employer shall be released at any time by the committing Magistrate on security being furnished or on his paying either the whole or such part as to the Magistrate seems reasonable of all just claims of such employee against him for wages or on the filing of a petition in bankruptcy by or against him; and

(b) in no case shall the period of such detention exceed three months.

(3) The bond to be given by an employer shall be a personal bond with one or more sureties, and the penalty for breach of the bond shall be fixed with due regard to the circumstances of the case and the means of the employer.

(4) If on or after a complaint by any employee under subsection (1) it appears to the Magistrate that there is good ground for believing that the employer complained against has absconded or is absconding or is about to abscond, the Magistrate may issue a warrant for the arrest of such employer and such employer shall be detained in custody pending the hearing of the complaint unless he finds good and sufficient security to the satisfaction of the Magistrate for his appearance to answer the complaint.

(5) For the purposes of this section a certificate purporting to be signed by the Director General and issued to the Magistrate to the effect that wages claimed have been paid or settled shall be sufficient evidence of the payment or settlement thereof.

79 Powers of Director General to investigate possible offences under this Act   cite [+]

(1) Whenever the Director General has reasonable grounds for suspecting that an offence under this Act has been committed, or wishes to inquire into any matter dealt with by this Act or into any dispute as to such matter or into the death of or injury to an employee (not the subject of an investigation under the Electricity Supply Act 1990 [Act 447], or the Factories and Machinery Act 1967, or any written law relating to mining for the time being in force in Malaysia or any part thereof) or into any matter connected with the keeping of registers and other documents, or whenever any person complains to the Director General of any breach of any provision of this Act, the Director General may summon any person who he has reason to believe can give information respecting such offence or the subject matter of such inquiry or complaint.

(2) If upon inquiry as aforesaid the Director General is of opinion that an offence has been committed, he may institute such criminal proceedings as he may deem necessary.

(3) A summons issued under this section shall be in such form as may be prescribed.

80 Examination on summons by the Director General   cite [+]

Any person summoned by the Director General under this Part shall be legally bound to attend at the time and place specified in the summons and to answer truthfully all questions which the Director General may put to him.

81 Right of employee to appear before Director General   cite [+]

No employer shall prevent or attempt to prevent any employee from appearing before the Director General in pursuance of this Part.

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