Employment Act 1955 [Act 265]

14 Termination of contract for special reasons   cite [+]

(1) An employer may, on the grounds of misconduct inconsistent with the fulfilment of the express or implied conditions of his service, after due inquiry-

(a) dismiss without notice the employee;

(b) downgrade the employee; or

(c) impose any other lesser punishment as he deems just and fit, and where a punishment of suspension without wages is imposed, it shall not exceed a period of two weeks.

(2) For the purposes of an inquiry under subsection (1), the employer may suspend the employee from work for a period not exceeding two weeks but shall pay him not less than half his wages for such period:

Provided that if the inquiry does not disclose any misconduct on the part of the employee the employer shall forthwith restore to the employee the full amount of wages so withheld.

(3) An employee may terminate his contract of service with his employer without notice where he or his dependants are immediately threatened by danger to the person by violence or disease such as such employee did not by his contract of service undertake to run.

15 When contract is deemed to be broken by employer and employee   cite [+]

(1) An employer shall be deemed to have broken his contract of service with the employee if he fails to pay wages in accordance with Part III.

(2) An employee shall be deemed to have broken his contract of service with the employer if he has been continuously absent from work for more than two consecutive working days without prior leave from his employer, unless he has a reasonable excuse for such absence and has informed or attempted to inform his employer of such excuse prior to or at the earliest opportunity during such absence.

16 Employees on estates to be provided with minimum number of days' work in each month   cite [+]

(1) Where an employee is employed in any agricultural undertaking on an estate on a contract of service under which he earns wages calculated by reference to the number of days' work performed in each month of his service, his employer shall be bound either to provide him with work suitable to his capacity on not less than twenty-four days in each month during the whole of which he is so employed, or if the employer is unable or fails to provide work on twenty-four days in each month whereon the employee is willing and fit to work, the employer shall nevertheless be bound to pay to the employee in respect of each of such days wages at the same rate as if such employee had performed a day's work:

Provided that any dispute as to whether an employee was willing or fit to work shall be referred to the Director General for his decision:

Provided further that in computing twenty-four days for the purposes of this subsection account shall not be taken of more than six days in any week.

(2) A contract of service shall be deemed to be broken by an employer if he fails to provide work or pay wages in accordance with subsection (1).

17 ............................   cite [+]

Section 17 omitted.

17A Apprenticeship contracts excluded from sections 10 to 16   cite [+]

Sections 10 to 16 shall not apply to apprenticeship contracts which are in a form approved by and of which a copy has been filed with the Director General.

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