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  • What does the court take into consideration before granting a divorce or when making a decision?
    Where either or both parties to a marriage do not consent to the divorce or are not in agreement on certain or all issues of the divorce, hearing of the divorce petition will be held in the court...
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  • Consequences of a divorce
    At the hearing of your divorce petition, if the judge is satisfied that you have legal ground for divorce, he/she will grants a Decree Nisi which will be made absolute after a certain period...
    Category:   Families » Divorce

  • Judicial separation
    If you opposed to divorce whether on religious or other grounds but you wish to live apart from your spouse, you may petition to the Court for a decree of judicial separation. In order to obtain...
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  • Maintenance
    The Court may order the man to pay maintenance to his wife/former wife: during the matrimonial proceedings. when granting the decree of divorce or judicial separation; or if after a decree...
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