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Author Biography

Carrie is an active forumer on Lawyerment. Born, bred and educated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is married to a Chinese national and has currently taken up residency in Shenyang, China.

Having been adjudicated a bankrupt due to non-bank debts as a teenager, at the age of 25 while working overseas, she spent four years with her partner, who is now her husband, travelling from country to country, including North Korea, without breaking any immigration laws. Her streetwise experiences with visas are really commendable.

She came back mid 2018 to renew her passport and went to the Malaysia Department of Insolvency to annul her bankruptcy status on her own personal resources without any professional help. Her experiences are well-documented on this website and are shared with all readers.

Knowledge Base Issues

Is a bankrupt eligible to receive inheritance? What's the impact of bankruptcy on EPF savings withdrawal and property ownership?
Circumstances have changed after you are being adjudged a bankrupt. Bankruptcy will affect your day-to-day finances. You have a duty to let the Director General of Insolvency 3 know of any of the...
Category:   Individual and Partnership Bankruptcy
What is bankruptcy? What can't a bankrupt do? What are the restrictions during bankruptcy?
Bankruptcy is a legal process to deal with debts that you are unable to settle as and when they fall due. The bankruptcy proceedings provide relief from excessive debts and pressures of creditors...
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