How do I register for tax? How do I obtain an Income Tax Number?

Your Income Tax Number is a unique reference number that is to be used by you in all dealings with the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (Malay: Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia), abbreviated LHDNM.

The Income Tax Number is allocated by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia when you register for tax.

Supporting Documents

If you have business income:
  • Identification Card

  • Business Registration Certificate

If you do not have business income:
  • Identification Card

  • Latest Salary Slip (Employed)

Obtaining an Income Tax Number

If you do not hold but require an Income Tax Number, you should:
  • Register Online Through e-Daftar

    1. Visit the official Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia website.

    2. Click on ezHASiL.

    3. Click on e-Daftar.

    4. Go through the instructions carefully.

    5. Click on the e-Daftar icon or link.

    6. Click on the borang pendaftaran online link.

    7. To check whether an Income Tax Number has already been issued to you, click on Semak No. Cukai Pendapatan Anda Terlebih Dahulu.

    8. Enter your MyKad number and Security Code as shown on the page and click Hantar.

    9. If no matched record is found against your MyKad number, click on the e-Daftar link.

    10. Complete and submit the registration form.

    11. An Application or Registration Number will be assigned to you upon successful submission. You will require this number to check your application status and submit supporting documents.

    12. Supporting documents can be uploaded online or by fax within 14 days from your date of registration.

    13. You will receive an email containing your Income Tax Number within 3 working days.

    14. If you did not receive your Income Tax Number within the stipulated time, you are responsible to check your application status via e-Daftar using your Application Number.

  • Register In Person

  • In-person registration is available at any Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia office or Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) branch.

    Bring along your supporting documents.

    A list of offices and branches where you can register is available on the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia website.

Registering for Tax

Upon confirmation of your Income Tax Number, it is advisable that you proceed to register for ezHASiL online services. Once registered, it will be mandatory for you to file all returns online through ezHASiL.

ezHASiL is a single access point for all LHDNM's secure online services:
  • e-Filing
    For taxpayers to file tax return online.

  • e-Kemaskini
    For taxpayers to update their personal and related information.

  • e-PCB
    For employers without computerised payroll system to calculate, check and submit Potongan Cukai Bulanan (PCB) or Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD).

  • e-Data PCB
    For employers to validate and upload CP39 text file format.

  • e-Lejar
    For taxpayers to check their latest tax balance and ledger transactions.

    Stamps assessment and payment system for law firms, banks, insurance companies or agents.

  • e-SPC
    Apply for tax clearance letter by employer.

  • ByrHasil
    For taxpayers to pay their income tax through appointed banks.

  • e-Residence
    Apply for Certificate of Residence (COR) to confirm taxpayer's resident status in Malaysia for tax purposes under the Double Taxation Agreement (DTA).

  • e-Data Praisi
    For employers to check and verify submitted prefill data.

  • TAef
    For tax agents to submit tax return on behalf of their client.

The ezHASiL facilities are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. It is a quick and secure facility to register for tax, pay tax liabilities, file tax returns, access your tax details and claim repayments.

Unfortunately, ezHASiL is not a single password for all online services. Certain online services for employers and agents such as e-PCB, e-Data PCB, STAMPS, TAef require separate registration and/or login.

For personal taxpayer, you are able to access e-Filing, e-Kemaskini and e-Lejar with a single login or password. However, you must first obtain a PIN to register for ezHASiL online services.

A PIN is a unique personal identification number for the purpose of first time login. Effective 2016, online PIN application is no longer available.

A PIN can only be obtained at the nearest LHDNM branch or UTC. Bring along your identity card or passport and fill in Form CP55D (PIN No. Application Form) which can be obtained at the counters.

To avoid making multiple trips to the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia office, make sure you visit the ezHASiL official website to understand the type of service you need and its requirements.

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