Recycling at Home: What can be recycled?

Recycling at home is very important. The amount of waste that comes from one neighbourhood on a daily basis is enormous.

The more we recycle, the more we can cut down waste generated and your local council can cut down on waste management expenditure.

Reusing Glass Jars to Store Food

  • Paper
    Newspapers, office paper, printer paper, magazines, brochures are some of the things that can be recycled. Collect these items and, whenever possible, try to separate them according to their paper grade.

  • Plastic
    There is abundance of plastic that we can recycle. Everything from drink containers, detergent bottles, food wrappings, ice cream boxes and others are recyclable.

  • Corrugated Containers (Cardboard)
    Whenever we buy new electrical equipment, or sometimes furniture, we usually get them in these cardboard boxes that no one seems to know what to do with other than throw away. Why not recycle them instead?

  • Glass
    Jam containers and certain food items are still packed in bottles. Recycle these bottles or reuse them to store other food items.

  • Clothing
    Old clothing can be reused or donated to the needy. This way, you reduce landfill space, and you give the less fortunate something nice.

  1. Malaysia Ministry of Housing and Local Government

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