What can I recycle?

There are four items that we encourage people to recycle. They are - glass, plastic, paper and aluminium.


All coloured and clear glass, including drink bottles, food containers, vitamin bottles and cosmetic jars can be recycled.

Glass goes into the BROWN recycling bin.


All types of aluminium and steel cans like drink cans and food cans are recyclable.

These also go into the ORANGE recycling bin.


All coloured and non-coloured paper, newspaper, magazines, books, paper scraps, telephone books, catalogues, pamphlets, calendars, cards, envelopes, and carton boxes are recyclable.

All paper items go into the BLUE recycling bin.


All coloured and non-coloured plastics such as: shopping bags, supermarket bags, plastic drink bottles, plastic mineral water bottles, plastic food containers, detergent containers and vitamin containers can be recycled.

Plastic items go into the ORANGE recycling bin.

  1. Malaysia Ministry of Housing and Local Government

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