Where is smoking banned or prohibited in Malaysia?

No Smoking Area

Places where smoking is prohibited are:
  1. any entertainment centre or theatre, except any pub, discotheque, night club or casino, at any time when such place is open to the public;

  2. any hospital or clinic;

  3. any public lift or toilet;

  4. any eating place or air-conditioned shop [1];

  5. any canopy bridge [7];

  6. any public vehicle [2] or public transport terminal [3];

  7. any airport;

  8. any observation tower in national park or state park area;

  9. any public park [5];

  10. any national park;

  11. any state park;

  12. any camp site [6];

  13. any government premise;

  14. any area which is used for any assembly activity in a building other than private or residential building;

  15. any area in any educational institutional or a higher educational institution;

  16. any area in a nursery;

  17. any school bus;

  18. any floor with a service counter in
    • any bank or financial institution;

    • Telekom Malaysia Berhad;

    • Tenaga Nasional Berhad;

    • Pos Malaysia Berhad;

  19. any shopping complex;

  20. any area in a petrol station;

  21. any area in a stadium, sports complex, fitness centre or gymnasium;

  22. any building or public place which is used for religious purposes;

  23. any area in a library;

  24. any area in an internet cafe;

  25. National Service Training Centres (PLKN); or

  26. any private-sector offices with centralised air-conditioning systems.

  27. any building specified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia;
    1. Malacca [4]
      • City of World Heritage

      • Jasin Municipal Council

      • Melaka City

      • Melaka Historic City Council

      • Melaka Raya

      • Melaka Historic City Council

      • Melaka International Trade Centre

      • Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council

      • Alor Gajah Town

      • Alor Gajah Municipal Council

      • Jasin Town

      • Jasin Municipal Council

Chronology of Recent Smoking Prohibitions


More areas are gazetted as no-smoking zones under the Control of Tobacco Product (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (Malay: Peraturan-Peraturan Kawalan Hasil Tembakau (Pindaan) 2017) which came into operation on 1 February 2017. New no-smoking zones now include:
  1. any area of a public park except an open public car park; and

  2. any observation tower, camp site, canopy bridge and five (5) meters from the entrance or exit of the canopy bridge in the national park and state park.


The Control of Tobacco Product (Amendment) Regulations 2018 (Malay: Peraturan-Peraturan Kawalan Hasil Tembakau (Pindaan) 2018) came into operation on 1 January 2019. Smoking is now restricted at all eating places instead of only air-conditioned eating places. These include open-air restaurants, coffeeshops, and hawkers stalls.

All eating places must display the no-smoking sign and not provide ashtrays to customers.

Peninsular Malaysia implemented the smoking ban on 1 January 2019 while Sabah and Sarawak will be imposing the ban on 1 February 2019 [9] and 1 March 2019 [8] respectively.

During the first six (6) months of 2019, enforcement involves verbal or written warnings. The regulation will be fully enforced effective 1 July 2019.

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  1. ^ eating place means any premises whether inside or outside building, where food is prepared, served or sold and includes:
    • any room or area on a ship or train where food is prepared, served or sold;

    • any area on a vehicle where food is prepared, served or sold, and any surrounding area within a radius of three (3) meters from the vehicle; and

    • any area within a radius of three (3) meters from any table or chair which is placed for the purposes of preparing, serving or selling food.

  2. ^ public vehicle means any vehicle which is carrying fare-paying passengers, that is being used on land, water or air.

  3. ^ public transport terminal includes any place for purchasing tickets or for getting on and off any public transport.

  4. ^ This does not apply to any building or premises used as private residential homes and any road located in the areas except roads in Jonker's Walk in City of World Heritage and Kota Road in Melaka Raya.

  5. ^ public park means an open area for purposes of leisure and recreational with soft and/or hard landscapes such as pedestrian path, playing field, game court and playground.

  6. ^ camp site means a designated site used for the purpose of setting up tents for camping activities including any building within the site.

  7. ^ canopy bridge means a pedestrian path built connecting the trees including the resting place.

  8. ^ S'wak to enforce smoking ban on March 1 BorneoPost Online. Retrieved 2019-01-25

  9. ^Smoking Ban In Sabah, Too Daily Express. Retrieved 2019-01-12

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