What are the simple ways to go green?

Start off small. Being environmentally friendly is not really difficult, but it does take some motivation to make changes in your life style. The best thing is to get together with some friends or bring your family together to be Green. That way, you can support each other in your endeavour, and exchange ideas on how to be environmentally friendly.

Cut down on water use

Switch off the tap when you're brushing your teeth. Try to recycle water that's used to wash dishes. You can use it to water your plants. Water is a precious resource that we often take for granted. Obtaining water and treating it for human consumption take up much energy and expense, not just in terms of ringgit, but in terms of environmental degradation.

Recycle paper

It's amazing how much paper we use in our daily lives. From newspapers to letter writing, we use paper once it's been used, but just flip the sheet over and you have a perfectly good resource for a home-made notebook. A great deal of paper is wasted in offices. Get your colleagues together to reuse paper that has only been marked on one side. Photocopy on that clean sheet, or cut up semi-used paper for note pads. You'll be amazed at how much you can save on your stationery costs. Offices and schools can become collection centres for paper to be recycled. Work together with your colleagues or classmates and teachers!

Avoid food wraps like aluminium foil and plastic wraps

Use instead, reusable jars, tupperware and containers that are not 'single-use' products. Believe it or not, but it takes the same amount of energy to make a kilogram of aluminium as it does to drive a car 71 kilometres! Both aluminium foil and plastic wraps are handy and convenient, but pollution is created when they are manufactured and landfills are strained by the increasing amount of rubbish we human churn out day after day!

Don't lose heart if you can't get others to join you right away. Once you show them that it's not so tough and can be fun, they may take up the challenge to be Green as well.

It may seem terribly inconvenient to be Green, but after a while, it becomes a a way of life. Remember, you're not alone. And it may seem like an insignificant thing, but really, it's one small step for a Greenie, one huge leap for humankind!

...more Green Tips!

Electricity has taken us out of the Dark Ages. Of all forms of energy in the world, electricity is the one with the greatest potential to keep developing. Here are a few tips to reduce energy use, and save money at the same time.

LED Light Bulbs

They use less energy, generate very little heat but produce the same amount of light. LED light bulbs does not contain mercury. They last twenty-five times longer, and are ideal for hard to get places like high ceilings and stairwells.


Minimise fridge door opening. The longer you open it, the greater the amount of electricity it has to use.


The best way to save electricity is to use an energy efficient appliance! Choose air conditioner and refrigerator with inverter technology to save on electric bill. Check the wattage; the number tells you how much actual energy the appliance is likely to use in a year.

What's your gift to the earth?

  • Be sparing in your use of paper, water, gas, electricity and petrol.

  • Buy things that are packaged in materials that can be recycled, such as cardboard boxes and cartons, aluminium and glass.

  • Keep bins handy in the home and work place for glass jars and bottles, aluminium, and wastepaper, for recycling.

  • Help local, state and federal governments to protect important forests.

  • When travelling, do not buy souvenirs made from endangered animals and plants.

  • Ride your bike next time you have to run an errand.

  • Support companies that don't use excessive packing for their products.

  • Help the government to achieve a minimal target of protecting 10% of our forest lands.

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