How to Save Water at Home

  • Water your plants in the early mornings or late evenings because low wind speed during these times helps cut done on evaporation. Thus less water is needed.

  • Place trays at the bottom of potted plants to trap excess water. The soil will eventually absorb the water.

  • Plant more trees and preserve existing tree. Established trees are often adapted to low water conditions and help in moisture retention in soil.

  • A front-loading washing machine can save up to 40% water, compared to a top-loading model.

  • Do at least one thing a day that results in saving water. Remember to Turn it off and Stop that drop!

  • Don't waste water just because someone else is footing the bill, such as at restaurants or hotels. Eventually, everyone of us pay for the cost of water shortage.

If you... Ignore leaking pipes
You waste... More than 70 litres of water a day!
Do: Fix leaking pipes immediately!

If you... Stay under the shower for more than five minutes
You waste... 13-32 litres per shower!
Do: Resort to the old method of scooping water with container to bathe, or if you must shower, limit the time to 5 minutes.

If you... Leave the tap running while brushing your teeth, shaving or washing your face
You waste... Up to 20 litres of water per minute!
Do: Turn off the tap when you are not immediately using the water. Better still, fill a mug with water and rinse from that. Or wash your face from a small basin of water and use that to flush the toilet after!

If you... Leave the tap running when washing and rinsing dishes
You waste... 36-68 litres of water per day!
Do: Fill the sink or a container with water and wash or rinse in that water. Washing rice, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, etc in a basin will also save you 13-16 litres of water per day. Reuse the water you use to rinse food items to water your plants. Nutrients and minerals in the water help plant growth.

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