What are rent-controlled premises?

Generally, Rent-controlled premises(or '"Controlled premises" as described in the Control of Rent Act 1966) refer to those buildings completed before 1 February 1948 [s. 4(2) of the Act].

These rent-controlled premises are loosely described as 'the pre-war buildings' since they were buildings existing just after the Second World War [1941-1945].

According to the statistics available (NST 28 Nov. 1996 and 30 Jan 1997), the total number of prewar buildings affected by the Control of Rent Act 1966 (the Act) is estimated at 38,822. They are scattered all over the states in Malaysia. Penang has recorded with the highest number of rent-controlled premises in Malaysia at 12,609 while Sabah has the lowest record of rent-controlled premises of only 181. The other States records were Johore 5,659, Perak 5,531, Malacca 4,135, Federal Territory 2,500, Negeri Sembilan 2.003, Pahang 1.441, Terengganu 1,192, Kelantan 692, Selangor 431 Kedah-Perlis 306 and Sarawak 2,143.

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