Unparliamentary Language: Rude words that you can't say in Parliament and state legislative assemblies

Unparliamentary language refers to words, terms or phrases that are deemed inappropriate for use in Parliamentary and state legislative assemblies.

The Standing Orders of the Dewan Rakyat of Malaysia are made by the Dewan Rakyat in pursuance of Article 62(1) of the Federal Constitution. The orders contain Rules of Debate where Members of Parliament (MPs) are refrained from using the terms considered "unparliamentary" or derogatory when referring to individuals during any sitting.

Standing Order 36(10)
It shall be out of order to use-
(a) treasonable words;
(b) seditious words;
(c) words which are likely to promote feelings of ill-will or hostility between different communities in the Federation or infringe any provision of the Constitution or the Sedition Act 1948.

In November 2012, the Standing Order 36(4) was amended to include the use of sexist remark as prohibited during debates after a bocor (leakage in reference to women's menstrual cycle) remark was made by a Member of Parliament in 2007.

Standing Order 36(4)
It shall be out of order for Members of the House to use offensive language or make a sexist remark.

Most of the unparliamentary terms were often used during heated debates that resulted in exchange of colourful and creative words like "otak kering" (brainless), "biawak hidup" (alligator), "mata keranjang" (flirt) and "kuda tunggangan" (apple apolisher), basically between Members of Parliament and their opponents.

The official language of the House is Bahasa Malaysia but the use of English language is permitted.

Generally, the Parliament Speaker has the discretion to determine what constitutes unparliamentary language.

Here's the list of terms, not necessarily exhaustive, you shouldn't say in Parliament of Malaysia:
  • Anasir subversif (subversive element)

  • Anging kurap (lowest form of animal)

  • Bahlul (fool)

  • Barua (spy)

  • Babi (pig)

  • Bagang or bangang (dim-witted)

  • Bebal (dim-witted)

  • Berambus (get out)

  • Biawak hidup (alligator)

  • Binatang (animal)

  • Biul (dull-witted)

  • Bodoh (stupid)

  • Budak sekolah or budak kecil (kid)

  • Buruk siku (insincere)

  • Celaka (damn)

  • Hisap darah or cekik darah (blood sucker)

  • Jahanam (damned)

  • Jahiliah (barbarian)

  • Kaki betina (womaniser)

  • Kaki bodek (free loader)

  • Kaki judi (gambler)

  • Keling (black man)

  • Kominis (communist)

  • Kuda tunggangan (apple-polisher)

  • Kurang ajar (uneducated or uncouth)

  • Lembab (dull)

  • Lembu (cattle)

  • Letak otak di lutut (brainless)

  • Lidah bercabang (liar)

  • Lintah darat (leech)

  • Loyar buruk (boaster)

  • Mampus (die)

  • Mata keranjang (flirt)

  • Mengamalkan rasuah (corrupt practice)

  • Otak kering (brainless)

  • Pemalas (lazy bone)

  • Pembelit (twister)

  • Pembelot (traitor)

  • Pembohong (cheat)

  • Pencuri (thief)

  • Penderhaka (sinner)

  • Penindas (oppressor)

  • Penipu (swindler)

  • Pengotor (dirt)

  • Pengacau (nuisance)

  • Penjenayah (criminal)

  • Pelesit or hantu (devil)

  • Perompak (robber)

  • Perosak masyarakat (social menace))

  • Samseng (gangster)

  • Spy or agent musuh (spy)

  • Syaitan or Setan (Satan)

  • Tak reti bahasa (complacent)

  • Tukang fitnah (slanderer)

  • Tunggul (dull or stupid)

  • Zalim (cruel or tyrant)

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