What documents do I need to bring to the court?

Personal Identification

When you appear at the court, you will need to provide your personal identification for identity verification.

If you are a citizen of Malaysia, identification document you need is your National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) or MyKad or birth certificate.

If you are a foreigner or foreign national, you need to bring your International Passport or relevant identification documents. Identification document must be valid and current.

Only original identification document will be accepted.

If you do not bring an acceptable identity document, you will not be allowed to enter.
Public or Government Servant

A public or government servant, who is to attend a court on behalf of the Government or Government agency, must produce the government issued authorisation card or letter and relevant documents.

Time-off to attend court should also be granted by the department's authorised officer.
Business Owner

If you are the business owner in a corporation or partnership, you will have to provide a valid Company Registration Certificate and relevant documents to prove ownership of the business entity.
Company Representative

Company representative must produce a Representation Letter. Company representative should have the knowledge of the necessary facts relevant to the subject matter or is responsible for the management of the company at issue.

For purposes related to the representation, the representative is given temporary and limited right to appear in court on behalf of the company. If you are the sole proprietor, you must appear personally or have a lawyer represent you.
Real Estate or Property Owner

If real estate or property is the subject matter taken to court, the property owner will have to produce in court the title to real estate or grant (geran in Malay) and other evidence of property ownership to prove the title to the real estate or property.
Medical Certificate

If you are unable to attend court for medical reasons, you or the person standing in for you must produce a Medical Fitness Certificate in the court excusing you from attending court due to illness or injury, and if possible, request for an adjournment.

Medical Certificate must be issued by a hospital or clinic that is recognised and accepted. The period you are not fit to attend court and the date on which you are likely to recover and be fit to attend court must be stated. The diagnosis should also be stated.

Remember to bring some cash or money to pay for fines and fees.

You should also bring all documents in original and related documents such as court summons for ready reference during the trial.

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