What is the court etiquette in Malaysia? What are the dos and don'ts in a court?

You must present yourself in a clean and professional manner. No sleeveless shirt, clothing appealing in style and colour, shorts, mini skirts (above knee-length), jeans, slippers, caps, helmet or headgear, sunglasses or dark glasses, leather jacket and inappropriate t-shirts are allowed in courtroom.

Remove caps, helmet or headgear before entering the courtroom. There are exceptions for religious reasons such as the Muslim headscarf or tudung.

Ensure that your mobile phone, beeper or other electronic device is turned off. Do not take any weapons to the court.

Please be attentive during the proceedings. Activities that are not permitted in the courtroom are smoking, eating, drinking, sleeping, teasing, laughing, taking photographs, tape recordings and reading newspapers or magazines. Never show disrespect for the court.

If possible, do not bring children to court unless you are able to look after them and ensure no disturbance will occur.

Be punctual. You should be in the courtroom before each session of the court. While the court is in session, bow to the judge when you enter or leave the courtroom to show respect. You should enter or leave at the appropriate time to avoid disturbance.

Rise when the judge enters or leaves the courtroom.

Please step forward when your name is called.

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