Who is eligible to file an application for registration of an industry design in Malaysia?

Only the original owner of an industrial design is entitled to make an application for the registration of the industrial design.

Local Applicant

A local applicant can file a registration individually or appoint a registered industrial designs agent to file an application on his behalf.

Foreign Applicant

However, foreign applicant, where the applicant's ordinary residence or principal place of business is outside Malaysia, will need to appoint a registered industrial design agent 1 in Malaysia upon whom notice or process relating to the application for registration may be served.

A registered industrial design agent will attend, file and sign documents on behalf of an applicant.

No person may appoint more than one (1) agent to act for him concurrently in respect of the same industrial design.

  1. An industrial design agent in Malaysia must be registered in the Register of Industrial Designs Agents by the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia

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