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Knowledge Base Issues

  • What is Digital Signature Act 1997?
    The Digital Signature Act was enforced on the 1st October 1998. The Digital Signature Act 1997 aims at promoting the processing of transactions especially commercial transactions, electronically...
  • What does intellectual property mean?
    Intellectual property means the property in intellectual creations, particularly technology inventions and literary and artistic works. Inventions and works protected under the copyright...
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  • What are the objectives of the intellectual property legislations?
    General objective is to provide intellectual property protection consistent with international practices in the interest of trade. While the Operational objectives are : To monitor intellectual...
  • Who is responsible for matters relating to intellectual property in Malaysia?
    The Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) 1 is responsible for all matters relating to intellectual property in Malaysia. The functions of the MyIPO are as follows : Provides...
  • What is Computer Crimes Act 1997?
    The Act aims to provide for offenses relating to the misuse of computers. Amongst other things, it deals with unauthorized access to computer material, unauthorized access with intent to commit...
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