What is a passport? When do I need a passport?

A passport is an official travel document issued to a person by a country's government of which such person is usually its citizen and authorizing the holder to travel internationally.

A passport remains the property of the government and may be revoked at any time by the legal authority of the issuing country in exercising its execution discretion.

The main legislation governing the possession and production of passport or travel document by persons entering and leaving Malaysia and related matters is the Passport Act 1966 [Act 150].

In the Passport Act 1966 [Act 150], passport is defined as:

A valid passport which has been issued to a person by or on behalf of the Government of which he is a subject or citizen and includes any form of valid document of identity issued for the purpose of travel by any Government and recognized as a travel document by the Government of Malaysia.

The passport holder is fully responsible for the security of the passport.

You need a passport when entering Malaysia from a foreign country. You have to produce your passport to the immigration officer and where you are a non-citizen of Malaysia, your passport must have a valid visa for Malaysia issued on the authority of and by or on behalf of the Government of Malaysia.

You also need a passport when leaving Malaysia for a foreign country and you shall, if required to do so by the immigration officer to produce to that officer a valid passport.

Under Section 2(4) of the Passport Act 1966 [Act 150], an immigration officer may make on any passport produced upon entry into or departure from Malaysia, such endorsement as he thinks fit.

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