What is a Special Marriage Licence? What are the types of Special Marriage Licences available? What is the procedure for obtaining a Special Marriage Licence?

If you are unable to satisfy certain requirements under the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 to legally marry in Malaysia but feel that you have good reasons for being granted a Special Marriage Licence, you will need to apply to the Registrar of Marriages for a Special Marriage Licence.

You should not make any other preparations or arrangements for your wedding until the Special Marriage Licence is granted.

Special Marriage Licences are issued by the Chief Minister or Menteri Besar of the state concerned to permit a marriage which would otherwise be illegal. They are not issued automatically.

Following are the types of Special Marriage Licences available and relevant fees:

  • JPN.KCO1B licence [Licence Fee: RM2.00]

    Application for marriage licence for parties whose relationships are prohibited.

  • JPN.KCO1C licence [Licence Fee: RM100.00]

    Application for marriage licence to dispense with the Notice of Marriage and Certificate for Marriage. Usually for those who wish to marry as soon as possible avoiding the twenty-one (21) days delay by posting the Notice of Marriage in the office of the Registrar.

  • JPN.KCO1D Licence [Licence Fee: RM10.00]

    Application for marriage licence for female below eighteen (18) years of age but having completed sixteen (16) years.

  • JPN.KCO1E Licence [Licence Fee: RM500.00]

    Application for marriage licence to solemnise marriage in a place other than the office of the Registrar of Marriages.

Marriage Application

You should apply for a Special Marriage Licences on the relevant form which can be obtained from the office of the Registrar of Marriage.

Part of the form is to be completed by you and part by the Chief Minister.

You have to submit your Special Marriage Licence along with your Marriage Application Form JPN.KC02 and relevant supporting documents to the Registrar of Marriages.

You will have to remit the relevant licence fee and RM20.00 for processing fee.

Solemnisation and Registration of Marriage

Unlike normal marriage procedure, there is no waiting period for the grant of the Special Marriage Licence and once it is granted the solemnisation of marriage may take place at any time within one (1) month of the granting of the licence.

The procedures for solemnisation and registration of marriage are similar in all respects to that which apply to marriage solemnised and registered at the office of the Registrar of Marriages in Malaysia.

  1. Ministry of Home Affairs Registration of Marriage for Non-Muslims

  2. National Registration Department Special Marriage Licence

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