What should the Joint Affidavit by Petitioners in Support of Petition look like (Part II)?

Form 7
Joint Affidavit By Petitioners In Support Of Petition

3. Subject to these alterations and additions (if any), is everything stated in your petition true?

Indicate which statements are true to your own knowledge and which to the best of your information and belief.
4. State the date on which you both began to separate. _____________________________
5. State briefly the reason or main reason for the separation _____________________________
6. When and in what circumstances did you both come to the conclusion that the marriage was in fact at an end? _____________________________
7. State as far as you know the various addresses at which each of you have respectively lived since the date given in the answer to Question 4, and the periods of residence at each address:
1st Petitioner's
2nd Petitioner's
8. Since the date given in the answer to Question 6, have you both ever lived with the respondent in the same household?

If so, state for which period or periods, giving dates.

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