What is the information required by Form 4 of the Divorce and Matrimonial Proceedings Rules 1980 (Statement as to Arrangement for Children) (Part II)?

Form 4
Statement As To Arrangement For Children
Rule 7(2) of the Divorce and Matrimonial Proceedings Rules 1980

  1. The arrangements proposed for the children in the event of a decree being granted are as follows:
    1. residence

    2. education etc.

    3. financial provision

    4. access

    [In each of these paragraphs state whether the grant of a decree will affect the present arrangements set out above, whether it is proposed that those arrangements should continue, and if not, and to the extent that they are likely to alter, state what alteration is anticipated and what proposals in substitution are proposed. In the case of residence, where it is proposed that for any period of a child should be in the immediate care of a person other than the applicant, give details of that person's willingness and ability to care for the child. In the case of education state, if possible, any long-term proposals for further education or training. In the case of financial provision give details of any application which will be made for ancillary relief in respect of the children and, where applicable, state the object of any application which is other than for the day-to-day support of the child].

  2. The said child[ren] is [are] suffering from [any] serious disability or chronic illness or from the effects of [any] serious illness [namely] [state, in respect of each child so suffering, the nature of the disability or illness].

    [Attach cop(ies) of any up-to-date medical report(s) which is (are) available] A copy [Copies] of the medical certificate[s] is [are] annexed hereto and marked as [e.g. 'C-1'].

  3. The said child[ren] is [are] [not] under the care or supervision of a welfare officer or officer appointed by a local authority or other person or organisation [namely] [state the date of any order for care or supervision and the circumstances which gave rise to its being made].

Dated this ....... day of ............... 20.....

[Solicitor for the] Petitioner
This Statement as to Arrangement for Children is filed by [solicitor for the] petitioner whose address for service is at [address of solicitor or residential address of petitioner].

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