What is the information required by Form 3 of the Divorce and Matrimonial Proceedings Rules 1980 (Joint Petition) (Part III)?

Form 3
Joint Petition

The petitioners therefore pray -

This prayer of the petition is your request to the court describing what you both are seeking for.

(1) That the said marriage may be dissolved.

(2) That .................... may be granted custody of [state name(s) of the child or children].

(3) [Where appropriate] That ................... may be ordered to pay the costs of this petition.

(4) That ...................... may be granted the following ancillary relief, namely [state particulars of application for ancillary relief which it is intended to claim].

For example:
  • Periodical payments
  • Secured periodical payments
  • Lump sum provision
  • Property division order under section 76 of the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 [Act 164]

It is not intended to serve this petition on any person.

The address for service of [1st petitioner's name] is [state 1st petitioner's place of residence] or [state the solicitor's name or firm and address] and of [2nd petitioner's name] is [state 2nd petitioner's place of residence] or [sate the solicitor's name or firm and address].

Dated this .... day of .............. 20....

1st Petitioner

2nd Petitioner
This Joint Petition is filed by [NAME OF 1ST PETITIONER and NAME OF 2ND PETITIONER] [or NAME OF SOLICITOR FOR THE PETITIONERS] whose address is [are] [address of solicitor] [or residential addresses of petitioners respectively].

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