How do I apply for a divorce? What are the steps to getting divorced in Malaysia?

Divorce proceedings begin with a divorce petition. You can't start divorce proceedings unless you fulfill certain conditions.

The three (3) main steps in divorce proceedings are:
  1. Filing of divorce petition
  2. Granting of a decree nisi
  3. Applying for a decree absolute

1. Filing of divorce petition

You have to file a divorce petition in the nearest court showing reasons why you want your marriage to end. You should consult a solicitor to advise you on whether you have legal grounds for divorce.

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In a divorce petition, you may apply for:
  1. divorce;
  2. custody of and access to the children;
  3. maintenance for spouse and children;
  4. division of matrimonial assets; or
  5. costs of the proceedings.

A divorce petition must contain the information required by:

If you have any children under 16 or who are over the age and are at school, college or university or are training for a trade, profession or vocation, your divorce petition must be accompanied by a separate written statement containing the information required by Form 4 Statement as to Arrangement for Children (Malay: Borang 4 Penyata Mengenai Persetujuan bagi Anak-Anak). You have to attach a copy of up-to-date medical report.

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