Knowledge Base Issues

  • Whose duty is it to maintain the children?
    Whether or not the child is in the custody of a parent, it is the duty of both parents to provide or pay for the following items for the child; having regard to the parent's means and station in...
  • Custody and guardianship
    An important question that concerns parents' legal rights over their children who are minor as well as the obligations towards them is custody and guardian. Rights and obligation of parents are...
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  • What is the liability of a man to maintain his children?
    A man can be ordered by the court to pay maintenance for his children: if he has refused or neglected to provide for the children; if he has deserted his wife and the children are in her charge;...
  • Who is considered a child of marriage?
    A child of marriage is: a child of both parties who is under the age of eighteen (18) years; a child of one party to the marriage accepted by the other party; an illegitimate child; and or a child...
  • What is the liability of a woman to maintain her children?
    The Court can order a woman to pay or contribute towards the maintenance of her children if it is reasonable to do so.
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