What is considered mutilated or unfit currency? Can I get a damaged Malaysian currency replaced?

All Malaysian banknotes having the characteristics listed below are considered unfit banknotes and should not be reissued to the public. All unfit banknotes should be deposited in the Central Bank of Malaysia (Malay: Bank Negara Malaysia) 1.
  • Soiling: General or localized spread of dirt or liquid on the surface of the banknote.

  • Limpness: Excessive folding that result in a breakdown of the structure and limpness of the banknote.

  • Crumples (shrinkage of a polymer banknote): Multiple random folds across the entire banknote that strongly affect the visual appearance of the banknote (including shrinkage of polymer) banknote due to excessive exposure to heat.)

  • Ink wear: Ink wear on part or whole of the banknote, for example, if it has been washed or is subjected to abrasive chemical agent.

  • Tears: Tears of any size or direction of more than 5mm on any part of the note.

  • Holes: Banknotes exhibiting at least one visible hole greater than 5mm (staple and pinholes are acceptable).

  • Repairs: Parts of the same banknote joined together by tape or glue.

  • Corner folds: Permanent and irreparable corner folds leading to a reduction in length of more than 5mm or a reduction in width of more than 5mm.

  • Burnt or termite infested: Damage caused by burning or termites of any size or direction of more than 5 mm.

  • Composed banknote: Banknotes divided into several parts and only some are joined together or parts of different banknotes are joined together.

  • Missing security feature: Any one or more security feature missing or is defective.

  • Defaced: Banknotes containing words, signs, symbols and drawings inscribed deliberately on the surface.

  1. The official website of Bank Negara Malaysia

  2. Bank Negara Malaysia "Guidelines on the treatment of unfit, mutilated, defaced and fraudulently tampered genuine banknotes".

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