What is considered mutilated currency? Is torn paper money worth anything? Can I get a damaged currency note replaced?

Mutilated banknotes mean banknotes which have been damaged or the appearance of which have changed, by accidental contact with water, oil, paint, ink or similar substance or a portion or portions having become missing provided that such portion or portions as may be presented may be established beyond all reasonable doubt to have been originally a portion or portions of a single currency note.

Mutilated banknotes that require assessment for compensation by Central Bank of Malaysia (Malay: Bank Negara Malaysia)1 should be presented at Bank Negara Malaysia branches or Head Office.

The following guidelines for the assessment of mutilated banknotes should be observed:
  • Full value Bank Negara Malaysia will compensate full value to any piece of banknote which has more than two third (2/3) of the original size.

  • Half value Bank Negara Malaysia will compensate half value to any piece of banknote which has half (1/2) or more than half, but less than two thirds (2/3) in size.

  • No value Bank Negara Malaysia will not compensate any value to any piece of note which is less than half (1/2) in size of the original note.

    All significantly mutilated banknotes submitted by the public for which the Bank will not grant compensation shall be returned to them.

Any doubtful cases where an assessment is difficult to make due to poor condition of the note, for example, a piece of badly burnt note or damaged note where the size of the note is difficult to determine, should be referred to Bank Negara Malaysia for assessment.

  1. The official website of Bank Negara Malaysia

  2. Bank Negara Malaysia "Guidelines on the treatment of unfit, mutilated, defaced and fraudulently tampered genuine banknotes".

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