What are my rights and responsibilities as a hirer under a hire purchase agreement?

Your rights:

  • To receive a copy of the hire purchase (HP) agreement.

  • To obtain any information regarding the account.

  • To request a statement of outstanding balance (once every 3 months).

  • To settle early the full outstanding amount.

  • To terminate the agreement at any time.

Your responsibilities:

  • Read all the fine print in the written agreement.

  • Check that the purchase price and HP terms in the agreement are as agreed. Do not sign blank or incomplete agreement/ forms.

  • Ensure that you can afford the instalment payments for the duration of the HP financing and pay your instalments on time.

  • Know your rights and obligations under the HP contract so that you do not commit any actions leading to a breach.

  • Keep all documents pertaining to the HP financing such as agreement, receipts, etc. in a safe place.

  • Not to remove, sell or dispose off the motor vehicle without the consent of your banking institution.

  • Inform your banking institution of any change of address.

  • Insure the motor vehicle after the first year and to update your banking institution within 14 days before the current policy expires.

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