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  • What should I do if someone knows my credit card PIN?
    If you believe that your credit card PIN has been compromised, you should refer to your credit card issuer. Back to Contents of Credit Card Transactions You
  • Tips on managing credit card usage
    A credit card is a convenient payment mode as it can be readily used for making purchases at merchant outlets. However, if you do not use your credit card carefully or settle your monthly...
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  • What is a co-branded credit card?
    A co-branded credit card is a card which is issued jointly by a credit card issuer and a merchant under a well-known brand name. The merchant usually offers additional benefits to the cardholders,...
  • Is it necessary for me to monitor my credit card statements?
    Yes. You must make it a practice to check your credit card statements regularly for any discrepancies or unauthorised transactions. Taking a few minutes to review the information contained on your...
  • What is a credit card and how it works?
    A credit card is a payment instrument that enables you to make purchases of goods and payment for services instead of using cash. You can use the credit card at any merchant, locally or...
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