What can I do with Internet banking? What are the banking transactions that can be conducted online?

With Internet banking facilities, you will be able to perform a variety of banking transactions online.

Depending on the banking institution, the main services offered through Internet banking allow you to:
  • Check your balances and statements

  • Submit applications for new accounts, credit cards or loans

  • Place fixed deposits

  • Transfer funds between accounts (own and third party)

  • Pay bills, credit cards, loans and insurance premiums

  • Create, change and cancel standing orders

  • Request for cheque books and statements

  • Check status or stop payment of your cheques

  • Apply for bank drafts and telegraphic transfers

Some additional services offered include mobile airtime reload, interest rates calculator and foreign currency converters.

Please check with your banking institution for the full list of services offered and the additional features and channels that are available.

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