How to Correctly Use Numbers on Your Titles

Numbers are often used in writing. It usually appears on the content. But, what if you are going to include numbers in the title of your composition? do you know how to place them the right way?

Writing numbers can be very easy if you know all the rules on how to use them well. Sometimes, without any further knowledge on how to write numbers correctly in your content, it may cause your content a badly written one.

There are also instances where it will confuse your readers without the proper guidance on how to place numbers in your content. Although numbers are just a small figure in writing, you still need to pay attention on how to write them correctly especially if you are writing for a news article where numbers are very important in some cases.

Many writers may have some problems on dealing with numbers in their writing, how much more if you are going to place them in your title? How are you going to do that? Are there things that you need to be aware of about writing numbers in your title?

Numbers only holds values and the date of events in your content, but given the right format and the right set of figures, they contain a very special information that your readers need to know in connection with your topic.

When you write for the web, using numbers is one of the most effective techniques for producing attention-grabbing titles. For some reason, people are simply drawn to numbers, allowing them to serve as immediate triggers that get us to pay attention.

Numbers Hook Interest

Numbers immediately tell us that something is "serious business," even when they're not, conveying a sense of authority that other techniques strive hard to accomplish. Paired with a good writing software, inserting numbers in your headline can make for some of the most compelling writing you can find. Look at these two titles, for instance:

*"How To Avoid Losing Money"

*"10 Crucial Things You Need To Know If You Want To Avoid Losing Money"

While you can point to any number of things in the second title that makes it more compelling, the numerical figure "10 is easily the deciding factor. For one, it's the single element that really shaped the title.

Numbers Are Overused

You can draw an argument for the likely possibility that numbers are overused on the web. Actually, you don't have to convince me - I'm sold. Because you can measure reads and pageviews so easily online, almost every diligent webmaster has seen this from hard experience. Just because everyone's doing it, though, doesn't mean you shouldn't draw the same benefits from it.

A little tact, of course, can go a long way. Just because numbers work doesn't mean you have to use it in every single headline you produce. If you're going to employ a technique, use it in an appropriate manner, so pick your spots and make your use of numbers count.

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