How to Avoid Writing in Primer Style?

If you are a first time writer and assigned not to write in primer style, you might wonder what does it mean and why it exist?

Writing is more on putting up words together to form a complete thought and where ideas of the writer can be briefly describe more the topic in a more unique and convincing way.

It is like an art of dealing your imaginations and perspectives as a writer in order to make your writing an effective one. It requires writing skills to hook your reader's interest.

What's wonderful about writing is that you are free to write whatever you wanted. You can make an interesting story or article if you must. You have the authority how to set up your content. Lastly, your creativeness can be test on how you will make your writing special despite the different topics you have.

As you write, you also learn something new. Moreover, your writing skills improve by and by as you keep on writing different contents.

However, there is one more thing that a writer should be aware of. Despite every rules in grammar and language writing, there are some writers who often uses primer style in writing.

Primer style is not really harmful but it makes your content duller and its quality is at stake.

When people talk about "primer style," they usually refer to writing that looks basic and elementary. Characterized by sentences that sound like reading materials from first grade, they tend to leave more sophisticated readers bored and listless.

Short sentences. There's nothing wrong with short sentences. When you've got ten of them in a sequence, though, things can get dumbed-down really fast. The effect is like reading the speech patterns of an ESL speaker who just learned his first three weeks of lessons. It will probably pass your grammar checking software, but it's a terrible way to write.

Verbs that don't do anything. There's a reason why some folks refer to verbs as action words - they are most effective when conveying activity. Verbs that denote being (such as in the sentence "I am an engineer") are fine, but a lack of action makes writing tedious really fast.

Simple words. While simple words are a definite mark of primer writing, their use is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, elementary words help make text easier to read, since they use familiar words and uncomplicated phrases. Once you repeat the same ones over and over, instead of using synonymous terms and phrases, it makes for a bad reading experience.

Avoiding Primer Style

To avoid making your writing look like it was lifted off a first-grader's textbook, simply do the following:

*Mix up simple sentences with complex and compound formations. If you have multiple short sentences in a row, combine one or two of them to vary it up.

*If a sentence doesn't perform any action, combine it with another sentence that uses an action verb.

*Avoid repeating the same words in successive sentences, especially when there are alternative words and phrases with synonymous meanings.

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