The Topic Sentence: When to Use It

In a short article writing, the first sentences is always the most important part than the rest of the sentences in the content.

The first sentence is usually known as the topic sentence which contains the main idea of the article. When extracting your topic, you need to be very specific with the subject of your article. Besides, your opinion is only limited to the subject of your writing and any irrelevant ideas should be omitted.

A topic sentence is a specific sentence that controls the content of the rest of a paragraph. It's like the main thesis in an essay - it drives the remainder of the discussion to flow around it.

Not all of your paragraphs require a topic sentence. Paragraphs that narrate, describe or detail a process typically don't need one. The topic is implicit, based on what the proceeding text attempts to accomplish. However, once you compose a paragraph that attempts to put forward a concept, a point or an argument, it becomes as necessary to good writing as a capable writing software.

Using a topic sentence to start a paragraph is one of the most popular ways to do it, as it's both straightforward and simple - always a killer combination. Despite the obvious advantages, that's not the only way available to present it. In fact, you can throw in the topic sentence most anywhere in the piece, although their effectiveness will vary.

Sticking to your topic sentence is necessary. Knowing how to write a topic sentence is what a writer must do in order to provide a well-written content.

This is just a simple yet effective way to write such an effective content. There are only a number of writers who always value the role of topic sentence in writing.

Sometimes, other writers forget it's essence all the time and the result would always lead them to a confusing and uninteresting content writing.

Knowing how to write topic sentences is an important writing skill that one should have in order to convey your message towards your reader by writing such a successful and organized content.

Topic sentences are useful because they help condense complex arguments into an easily-digestible statement. Used correctly, they will help prepare users for your succeeding discussions, allowing them to dive into your reasoning armed with a general idea. They're also an excellent mechanism to transition between paragraphs, providing an effective bridge from one to the other.

When writing a topic sentence, you need to carefully choose your subject or topic first. If you want to write a topic sentence easily, know your subject first and understand it well.

If possible, decide a topic that suits your interest. There are lots of possible topics that can hook your reader's interest. Just always write a clear and effective topic sentence base from your subject.

The rest of your paragraphs should support your topic sentence so that you can always stick to the main idea without losing any necessary ideas until the end of your paragraph.

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