Do You Have to Love Your Subject When You Write?

A good writer should be able to write competently about anything. Regardless of their feelings for a subject, they should be able to find the words to express their topic clearly.

Would it be easier to write about something that you actually care about? Probably. If you love a subject, you tend to know it deeper than the average individual, affording you more insight into its intricate details.

By the way, "loving" a subject, in this context, refers to any strong feelings towards the subject of your piece. When you are tasked to write a profile on a heinous criminal, for instance, it might be difficult to feel "love" towards the person. However, your condemnation of that individual's acts may be strong enough to compel you to learn as much as you can about their life.

As a writer, it's ideal to try and uncover ways to build a strong connection with your subject. This is especially true if you are writing features with the intent to draw the reader in. Failing on that end will leave you churning out writing that could sound too matter-of-fact to be interesting.

Always write base on your given topic. There are instances where you don't really like your topic. As if the topic is against your own points of views. If that happens, how are you going to handle it?

Although it is really important that you can relate to your given writing topic but there are just situations where you are assigned to write a subject that is different from your beliefs.

However, writers remain as writers. Even if you don't really like your subject for writing, being professional and fair all the time are the things that a writer must always do.

Having a topic means you have something to focus your ideas to. You can't just write all by yourself without knowing what your topic is. the content explains the topic. This is what writing is all about.

Having a clearer mind helps you to write well. You are writing for the sake of getting your work read by someone else or by a group of people.
People always read the title before they head to read the content. The title is always associated with the topic of your writing. if your readers find it very interesting, of course they want to read it base on the topic that you have.

So the question is, will you love your subject for the sake that you can write effective contents out of it? What if you really can't care about a subject? That's fine too. For the most part, you can make up for it with diligent research, finding out as much as you can then writing it out as best as you can. Will you produce emotionally compelling pieces this way? Probably not.

But if it helps you tell the subject's story, it should be good enough. Just hang back and wait for the opportunity to wax that pen (well, keyboard)and software-based writing assistant on a subject that truly gnaws at you.

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