What Poor Writing Communicates

Have you notice how people nowadays spell their conversations through texting, chatting or simply by sending emails?

Notice how our writing changed from formal and organize content writing to a just a simple yet easy way of communicating.

There are a lot of differences. Simple and easy to spell word are being abbreviated into smaller text by changing its spellings accordingly.

So what's the effect? More and more people are now deteriorating from their language and writings. Wrong grammars and spelling took place.

It always happen every day whenever you are trying to send a conversation via cellular phones or computers. Most people's alibis is because they are "used to it" and now it's been a very common and normal thing.

But what if when it comes into writing scripts or contents? Do you find yourself constantly using words that are obviously misspelled?

Well, that's what some writers are facing right now. Just because they are "used to it" with how they spell and use words in their daily conversations. Eventually they apply it in their writing without doing it intentionally.

you know you are not good in writing and you always commit a lot of mistakes and now, you're adding a new problem in your way of writing. don't you feel annoying about it?

when it comes into your own writing, you never notice any grammar and spelling errors. Instead, you find it hard to correct your own self since you are not sure of what to do next?

Don't you feel tired about that? It is as if you wanted to write flawlessly away from any writing mistakes.

Now, what are you going to do to avoid such bad writing and bad grammars?

Spelling, grammar and punctuation are all important components of writing. Haven't we all heard this time and time again? Despite the repeated reminders, most people continue to ignore them, producing text that is fraught with errors on all of those fronts.

Why fix your grammar? Because good grammar helps lessen confusion for your readers. Writing that follows the rules of usage will contain structure that makes sense for anyone even moderately-versed in English.

Why fix punctuation? Because poorly punctuated text is simply tough to read. Imagine a person speaking in a single tone without pause - that's how badly-punctuated writing typically read like.

Why fix spelling? Because wrong spelling can lead the reader down the wrong path. Imagine saying "definitely" instead of "defiantly" - that's a world of difference right there.

When working on these areas of your writing, you can either labor over it all on your own or commission the help of a good proofreading software. Naturally, we recommend the latter, as it uses up less of your time, apart from likely being more thorough.

All you need to do is ask a college professor for a random sampling of essays that students turn in and your frustration will likely grow. Errors in all of the above areas can be easily remedied both with a writing software and some basic proofreading efforts.

See how innovative Good Proofreading Software ( instantly can boost your English writing and watch how NLP technology can help you to write perfect emails, essays, reports and letters.

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