The Basics of Argumentative Essays

Not all writers are gifted to have such skills in writing especially when it comes in constructing arguments in your essay.

It needs such creative skills to make it work and let your arguments appear as the subject for your essay writing.

Even though there were few writers who can manage to write argumentative essays easily, there are still ways on how to have it as one of your skills in writing.

Leaning is the key to your problems. Learning how to write argumentative essays is just the right thing to do especially for all aspiring writers.

Having some problems on how to write one? Come to think of it. There writers who seemed to be experts in the field on writing depending on what categories they are writing for.

It is not because they are born with talents in writing but the interest they have in writing is the reason why there are experts writings who manage to write well and effectively.

Even if you will start from scratch, learning help you improve your skills more. Which means, learning new things in writing and learning out of all the experience you have while writing contents.

Talking about experiences in writing, you can only determine your abilities to write such interesting contents if and only if, you keep on writing every now and then.

Now, how to write argumentative essays is what you need to know. Learning from the basics is just the easiest way to do.

Argumentative essays carry a specific quality that many types of essays typically don't: they put forward claims that are open for debate. The point of an argumentative essay, in fact, is not to prove something to be absolutely right. Rather, the idea is to present it as a valid point of view using logical reasoning.


Your position on an argumentative essay is not a fact. Facts are indisputable. When your essay deals with irrefutable facts, it's an expository piece of writing with the goal of enlightening, rather than one that seeks to push a claim forward.


The thesis of an argumentative essay is a debatable claim. If it isn't open for debate, you can't use it. Your work should assert something and attempt to prove it using various facts and statistics, tied together in a logical and coherent manner.

Apart from facts, personal preferences should also be avoided as essay topics. Declaring that "green is better than blue," for instance, is a terrible thesis, since there's no objective way to argue one way or the other. It's a matter of personal preference, rather than of solid reasoning skills.


In order to effectively present your position, you will need to make appeals to your audience (apart from detailing your ideas accurately with the help of a clear writing software). Appeals to reason (by way of logical contentions) is easily the most useful of these, although those that aim to take advantage of emotion or use character can also be employed. Most effective argumentative essays use all three, with the first one playing the most pivotal role.

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