Writing Without Apology

How to write without apology? Do you read it right or are you confuse why the title is stated like that? Truth is, you heard the title right. Have you ever read any text or articles where the author sounded like he is apologizing to the public without any vulgar words though it is pretty obvious that he's tone is like he is so sorry for his readers?

For some instances, there are writers who keep on writing that way. But to tell you honestly, that's not good when it comes into writing.

It's easy to recognize when someone is insecure about their writing. Most of the time, you can hear the apology in their words, carefully treading ground as if they were walking on a road with a pile of glass shards scattered about.

Writing without apology can be overcome without thinking deeply into your fears when writing. it is better to change your course of writing or the words that you always use when you worked with your writing tasks.

Sometimes, it is the words which makes your sound too obvious in apologizing something and that's what you should change at first. You need to set a writing goal and change your writing. that way, you will be confident enough on what to write and what your creativity tells you.

There's only one reason why you're writing that way and no amount of writing assistance software can really help - you're crafting your words with fear. Those fears will likely vary from one writer to the next, but it usually ranges among one or more of the following:

*The fear that you're not qualified on the subject.

*The fear that your opinions aren't valid.

*The fear that your lack of authority will be uncovered.

*The fear that your work is just not good enough.

*The fear that you'll receive harsh criticism.

*The fear of success.

*The fear of expressing your own ideas.

When you entertain those fears in the back of your mind, your writing becomes overly cautious and unnecessarily roundabout. Instead of being able to state an opinion directly, you run the reader through hoops to try and justify it. Put simply, your words will end up overcompensating for whatever it is you're afraid of.

If you want to develop into the best writer that you can be, you have to learn to write without apology. What's the worst that can happen, after all? Even though you can imagine the most frightening scenario, the truth is usually a lot less severe. Most of the time, the worst reaction that a piece of writing will net you is an unsatisfied reader who will be harshly critical. That's it.

Why is that not important? Think about your favorite bestselling novel. Have you seen a particularly unfavorable review of it? That's a reader being harshly critical. Guess what? You still loved it.

Same holds true for anything that you write - you'll get adoring readers along with dissatisfied ones. You'll live.

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