Big Writing Goals? Start With a Big Idea

In writing, it is very important to have your own writing goals. This makes you drive on with your work rater than to take it for granted and allow writing deadlines to come quickly without warning.

Writing might pressure you a little but this is not something that you'll feel stress at the end. It is some kind of a positive energy for you to think big without any hesitations about your writing.

Writers with bigger goals in writing can work easily with what they are writing. And because of this, they might as well come up with a plan on how to make it work and finish it in no time.

Many writers dream big. They start out their careers with big goals and huge plans. Are you the same way?

Having bigger goals in writing is always associated with bigger ideas about your topic. It is like you are dedicated with what you are going to accomplish in your writing task.

It is sort of drawing inspiration and makes you feel like you really love your task. How to come up with bigger ideas is another story and that's your next step to make.

Sometimes, in order to get more ideas for you topic, you should first at least understand what your topic is all about. This way, you will find yourself digging up for more information to make your subject appear clearer and factual in writing your content.

The next step will be the planning stage. Coming up to this step is just easy if you know what to do and how to end up your writing. Since you already have your goals in writing, this will serve as your basis on how to come up with plans in writing your content.

If you want to write "the next great novel," "a million-dollar bestseller" or "that new life-changing piece," then you have to start it from a big idea. Fact is, writing that accomplishes huge things stem from themes that can be considered grand.

Writing big means having larger-than-life characters overcoming huge odds and performing remarkable feats. It means thinking big and writing big - no two ways about it. After all, writing a big novel is really no different than writing a small one - the former just chooses to embrace a more impressive goal.

A copywriting legend once advised writers, "Reach for the stars, or you'll come up with a handful of mud." That's a recommendation I can get behind on. If you want to hit it big, you have to work big, no matter how daunting it may seem.

Like all forms of writing, no big idea is going to save you if you can't produce good copy. That's why we recommend following best practices (we have a ridiculously long list of those here), honing your craft as often as you can and using the best English writing tools around.

Lastly, don't ever give up. You might fail the first few tries (it's common when you're trying to hit "big"), but you'll eventually make it if you persevere through it.

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