The Two Skills of Writing

Writing is such a very complicated task. You need to undergo a lot of process and learn more things that will aid you to write better and successfully.

It is not just a simple thing that needs to be taken for granted. Despite its standards to make it more effective, there are still a lot of people who have made their writing well and most of them became experts in different fields of writing.

As we all know, writing has a lot of types and forms and different writers are specialized in each of these types of writing.

As you can see, there are writers who are good in writing stories, news, essays, narrations, articles, news, business letters and so on. If most of them had mastered one or more types of writing, then it can also be possible for all aspiring writers who are still beginners in the field.

It only takes an attitude and your writing skills to make that happen. Writing can be so easy if you are armed with the appropriate knowledge which you will apply later on in writing.

You don't have to be an English major for you to be qualified as a writer. If you are aware of the proper use of languages, grammars, spelling and formats, then welcome to the club. Most of all, you need the attitude to make your content work and creativity to handle complex topics sooner or later.

However, when it comes into writing, you need to have the right skills to improve your work more. Writing well calls on two different sets of skills that aren't only different, they contradict each other. Both creating and criticizing are indispensable components of good prose, yet they perform such varied tasks.

Creating is the skill of actually producing the piece, expressing your ideas using words that communicate them to your audience. The process of creation involves exploring your thoughts and setting them on paper, such as when you create an outline or a draft.

Criticizing, on the other hand, is the act of picking your own writing apart, so that you may express your meaning in the best manner possible. This involves reviewing your work and using writing tools, examining how clearly and powerfully it is able to express the pertinent ideas to your readers. When you revise, edit and proofread, this is the specific skill you are applying.

Now, why do we say these things contradict one another? Imagine yourself in the process of creating, all while continually picking apart what you do.

"That sentences sucks; those words sound wrong; that paragraph might serve as the worst two minutes in your readers' lives."

Do you really think you can get anything done while managing to maintain your sanity?

As a rule, it's best to employ both skills separately, producing your draft (creating) before performing revisions (criticizing). That way, you don't have to let one interfere with the other. When you create without criticizing, you write freely and unhindered, creating a perfect setting for expressing your thoughts.

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